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Rondane National Park


Our hotel is close to Rondane National Park. Here are suggestions for a fantastic day trip from Per Gynt Lodge to DNT cottage Rondvassbu which offers many nice top trips.


With Rondvassbu as a base you can reach many 2000-metertops as day trips. Vinjeronden, Storronden and the boss itself, Rondellet (2178 meters above sea level)


Park your car at Mysuseter (you can rent a bike on site if you want to save time) and follow the road to Rondvassbu. Nice day trip for all ages. You can buy both ice and coffee as a reward.

Kvitskriuprestein/Kvitskriuprestan Otta


A trip to Kvitskriuprestan in Sel Municipality is a nice day trip that is approx. 40km from the hotel.

The pyramids occur when rainwater cleans away the mass of the mother. The rain must also be special. The pyramids are created in rain-poor areas, but when it first rains, there must be quick rain showers that do not penetrate deep into the masses and thus weaken them.

The formation of pyramids is an ongoing process in which they arise, exist and disappear, within a few hundred years. Today's tallest pyramid is about 200 years. The formation is still moving where the pyramids pull upward as the new pyramids are washed out while olds are raging together.



Parts of Sjøa are a popular river for rafting and river kayaking.

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